Monday, September 9, 2013

When You Have A Son

When you have a son, this is what you can wake up to in the morning.

 Why, yes, that is Shelob climbing down my Grandfather clock.

Doesn't everyone want to greet the morning with a cave troll?

No bookcase is complete without a warg chewing on an orc's leg.

I believe my house was decorated with 35 LOTR figures. And it's not even close to the Hobbit 2 release.

N.B. Tomorrow, on my Screwing Up Time blog, I'll be doing a cover reveal for the short story, "Screwing Up Mongolia."


  1. Ha, I remember decorating the house with LEGOs as a teenager. Quite often elaborate battle scenes were staged and then left up as decoration. High art at its finest!

  2. I love that your kids are LOTR crazy. Wish mine were!

  3. I have sons, but they've always been more into sports than other stuff. So I'm always tripping over basketball bags and picking up dirty socks laying around the living room.

  4. Patti, I hate the dirty socks!! And they're always crumpled into sweaty balls. Yuck! My guys fence, so I tend to find foils lying around the house.

  5. Lydia,
    I actually feel kind of bad about the LOTR thing--I read aloud the entire book to my kids when they were young. One (my LOTR interior decorator)was still in a high chair. I cringe when I think about it. But, they got hot chocolate and cookies when I read, so that's how I justified it to myself. :)

  6. Hey, don't feel too bad about reading LOTR to your kids when they were young. When our younger son was a baby, I used to read the newspaper out loud to him. He enjoyed hearing the sound of my voice, and doggone it, I wanted to read the paper! (Now he's almost as much of a news junkie as I am.)

  7. My cousin and I once used string to create a giant spider web.

    It covered the entire living room, which sucked for the adults, because it also covered the front door. ^_^

  8. Misha, How cool! I hope someone took a photo.