Friday, September 13, 2013

Five Ultimate Battles

Friday's five this week is ultimate battles. When my boys were younger and their friends came over, sometimes we'd discuss ultimate battles and who would win. So here are my thoughts. Feel free to disagree in the comments.

1.Voldemort vs. Saruman

I think this is the most interesting battle. Evil sorcerer vs. evil sorcerer. My guess is that Voldemort takes Saruman. Even though Saruman has the orcs and the Uruk-hai, Voldemort would use the imperius curse and they’d end up toasting Saruman.

2. President Snow (The Hunger Games) vs. the White Witch (Chronicles of Narnia)

This is one is hard to call. Two very different styles of evil. But I couldn’t resist the two winter themes. My guess is that the White Witch takes President Snow. After all, I don’t see anyone breaking her wand. But I’ve no question that President Snow escapes at the last moment.

3. Old Captain Kirk vs. New Captain Kirk

Old Captain was tough and always in control. But I’m guessing in a battle new Captain Kirk wins—he’s more unpredictable and I think he’d out think old Captain Kirk. (And the fact that Chris Pine is more handsome than William Shatner has nothing to do with it.)

4. Black Widow (Avengers) vs. Eowyn

This is a tough one. Their styles are so different. The Black Widow is conniving, volatile and strong. Whereas, Eowyn is completely forthright in her desires and plans.  And even though I honestly think Black Widow could take Eowyn, I’m giving the win to Eowyn because she’s one of my favorite characters, feminine and tough.

5. Ziva David (NCIS) vs. Zoe Washburne (Firefly)

This last one I’d like your help in determining the winner. In my book, their styles aren’t hugely different. Ziva definitely has Mossad training on her side. But Zoe is Zoe.

So what do you think?

BTW, I released the cover art for "Screwing Up Mongolia," a Screwing Up Time short story. If you'd like to see it, click here.


  1. That new cover is a-MAAAA-zing! I love it!

    As for your battle foes, I'm not familiar with most of them. (Yeah, I know; I'm an old fuddy-duddy.) But now, pit mighty mouse against the mighty underdog...

  2. Oh my, how to choose between Ziva and Zoe? I think I'd have to give Zoe the tiniest edge here. Both can be ruthless when necessary, but Zoe is also unflappable, while Ziva's passion just might distract her during a crucial moment. But it'd be close.

    And sadly, as much as I love Eowyn (and I do), I do think the Black Widow would beat her. Eowyn's not conniving enough, and she has all these honorable notions that the Black Widow would just sniff at.

  3. Okay, Susan, so between might mouse and underdog (I do remember underdog) who would win?

  4. Louise, good point. I do think Ziva's passion might be her undoing.

  5. Loise and Connie, I think Ziva's passion would be what gives her the edge. The angrier she gets, the more ruthless she becomes. (Although granted, she does regret it afterwards.) ;-)

  6. Ziva, of course. Not even close.
    I think Saruman would actually be Voldemort, though.
    I also would probably take Eowyn over Black Widow. I think Eowyn's passion would win out in the end.