Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Five

My computer is currently is the shop for repairs--apparently, it has a bad motherboard.

So for today's Friday Five, the five worst things about not having a computer.

1. Having to mooch a computer.

2. Remembering that mooched computer does not have my favorite's bar nor do any any of the sites I visit regularly "remember me" on the mooched computer, so I have to try to remember all my user names and passwords. Do you know how many combinations there are of the four or five user names I regularly use and the four or five standard passwords?

3. Mooched computer does NOT have MS Word, so I can't write!!

4. Mooched computer was rejected by my children because it's out-dated, has no useful software, and has tilted screen--I think I'm getting a crick in my neck.

5. Did I mention mooched computer does NOT have a word processor, so I can't write?!

I'm telling myself that it's a blessing because I can now get caught up on yard work. But I'm not believing it.


  1. Yeouch... Can't write? I'd offer words of comfort, but there are none sufficient.

    Hope your computer gets better quickly! Hey, maybe you can catch up on a few books you've been wanting to read? "Market research" is a legitimate use of time...

  2. I've never owned a laptop, but I'm thinking of finally getting a Surface Pro. I may need it to work on it for hours at a time, and having to type manuscripts on the ridiculously small virtual keyboards on tablets won't work.

  3. Yipes! No word processor? That's harsh.

    Guess you'll have to do that yardwork until it gets too hot, and then read a good book.