Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Computer Repairs, Round Two

There's no normal blog post here today because my computer, which I got back from repairs on Monday night, still isn't working. (I actually wrote a funny post about it--but the computer chewed it up and spit it out.)

I called tech support yesterday, and they categorized me as a "failed repair." I tried to find out what that meant, but no one seemed to be able to explain it. Apparently, I'm waiting on a "decision" from the higher ups. Maybe they're deciding to actually fix my computer. That would be nice.

In the meantime, I'm missing everyone (readers and other bloggers).

File:Bruegge View from Rozenhoedkaai.jpg
This photo has nothing to do with my post. But it's gorgeous and it's Wednesday--we all need a moment or two of escape. Maybe it will keep me from taking a sledge hammer to my computer. This photo is from Wikimedia Commons, and it's their Picture of the Day. The photographer is Arcalino.


  1. Oh no, Connie. That is a huge bummer. I would be lost without my computer. Good luck getting it all back in working order!

  2. "failed repair" kind of sounds like an insult! :( Thanks for the escape picture--it's gorgeous!

  3. Rather impressive for not being a real post.