Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Cleaning

I started spring cleaning. Theoretically, it’s spring, which means I should be getting dirt under my nails and smelling like weeds and flowers. But it’s raining and raining.

So, I scrubbed the laundry room, the haven of muddy boots. I figure I’ve got 12 hours before you can’t tell that the floor’s been cleaned in months.

I oiled furniture so now the whole house smells like lemon oil.

Then, I got out the bleach. I’m a bit of a bleach fiend—my children have been known to yell, “Mom’s going crazy with the bleach again.” Yesterday, my son asked, “Did you bleach the kitchen counters?” Me (hoping he’d noticed their sparkling cleanness), “Yeah.” Son, “I thought so. I slurped milk that I spilled on the counter and now I taste bleach.” Me, “Sorry, I washed the counters with water afterwards.” Son (after spitting and rinsing his mouth), “I think my mouth is oxidizing.” Me (having no idea what that means), “Right.”

I sorted through the “computer crap,” the two boxes of weird cords and assorted disks labeled with names like Zeru. I put all the junk into a big paper bag and stuck it in the basement for a month. My thought was that if they hadn’t used something in a month, they wouldn’t need it. So I announced the eminent disposal of the computer crap that hadn’t been used in months. Talk about gnashing of teeth—you’d think I was announcing that we were getting rid of the dog.  Hands went through the bag, removing “my favorite game.” And if that weren’t bad enough, now the bag itself has been stolen and hidden. So, I’ve learned my lesson…next year, I throw things out and don’t tell anyone.

File:Woman cleaning toilets.jpg
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


  1. I'm postponing my spring cleaning this year. Yay! We're moving this summer, so we're taking weekend throughout the spring to organize, throw things out, and pack, and then I'll do a grand cleaning right before we move. In the long run, definitely more work than basic spring cleaning, but boy does it feel luxurious right now!

  2. I laughed out loud at your son's comment about slurping milk off the counter and tasting bleach.

    I did a ton of major cleaning recently but can you tell looking at it now? Ha.

  3. Every time I even think about spring cleaning I break out in a cold sweat! I'm making all kinds of excuses... But, I want to wriiiiite! But, it's sunny outside today! But, I haven't bought that new window cleaner yet!

    Truth is, I don't clean windows. Much. Well, ever. Unless I have to because my mother visits.

    Enjoyed the rubber glove photo!

  4. There ya go... I was gonna suggest you didn't tell 'em next year.

    I hope to tackle some of the big jobs this month, too, like shampooing the carpets, washing all the windows, and doing some exterior painting. Or I could just take a nap.

  5. I wish I had motivation to clean like that, but I am just too lazy. Also, I'm totally like your kids. I might forget about something, but if you threaten to throw it away, I will freak. Haha. Hope it stops raining soon!

  6. Ah yes. Spring cleaning. Somehow, I manage to avoid that chore every year.

    Best of luck to you!

  7. As long as you're not throwing out the installation and driver discs.