Monday, April 15, 2013

Guido the Enforcer

Yesterday morning just before we left for church, we got a phone call. It was fraud alert. Yes, Calvin’s identity has been stolen AGAIN. This is the fourth time. Cal’s social security number must be popular—it keeps getting sold over and over again.

We found out about the fraud because a couple of months ago we got a Capital One Visa card. And, providentially, Identity Thief Number Four chose to open a Capital One credit card. Capital One thought it was odd that Cal was applying for a second credit card from an address in Detroit, so they called us. Capital One is now denying Identity Thief Number Four a credit card.

Later today, we’ll find out if ITNF has opened other credit cards in Cal’s name. Then, we’ll call the police in Detroit and they’ll tell us that ITNF has rights and they can’t help us.

Hmmm. We still have some friends in Connecticut. I wonder if anyone there has a cousin named Guido the Enforcer who will help us. After all, this identity thief is not nearly as clever as the last one. ITNF actually gave Capital One his home address, instead of a PO Box. I’m sure Guido can convince Capital One to share ITNF’s address with him.

Anyone out there have a cousin named Guido?


  1. Why is he so popular? I wonder if his ss# went through the pool of thieves and it's still there. So awful!

  2. What the heck? That is so strange and frustrating!

    My m-I-l keeps bragging that she has mafia family connections somewhere. Just saying. :-)

  3. Jennifer,
    Maybe you can give me your MIL's phone number. ;)

  4. Unbelievable! Is it possible for your hubby to apply for a new number? I mean if his old number is so doggone popular, maybe he should just let the crooks fight over it and start out fresh with a new one.

  5. That people do identity theft is beyond me.

  6. Oh, I do hope you manage to solve these mysteries.

    I keep getting email with an attachment about my account at Barclays Bank which I need to resubmit my information, whereas I do not have an account at Barclays.


  7. This could SO be a movie. Is his ssn 555-000-1234? Yeah. He should get a new one.