Monday, July 30, 2012

Shakespeare Costumes

Today is begins Shakespeare Camp--this year they are performing Much Ado About Nothing. Since auditions in February, Jacob and Matthew have been memorizing lines and working on blocking. I've been sewing costumes. Every day this week, the entire cast will meet and rehearse. Then they'll have performances on Thursday and Saturday.

Here's a photo of Matthew in his Claudio attire. (His tunic is made of brown velvet, which didn't want to stretch the same way as the lining fabric. grrr.)

Here's photo of Jacob dressed as Benedick, striking a pose. (Yes, I sewed the hat and gauntlets as well as the tunic and shirt. But I made those last year.)

If you love Shakespeare or costumes, here are some links to other costumes I've made over the years. more costumeseven more costumes, and still more costumes. I've got even more costumes, but a couple of years I didn't post photos.


  1. Much Ado About Nothing is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays. The costumes look fantastic! This is making me miss the days of putting on plays in our youth group, sweet-talking my mother into sewing costumes for them all, borrowing other pieces from the local university's drama dept ... ah, fond memories.

  2. Shakespeare camp--how cool! I love the second picture.

  3. A Shakespeare camp? I love that!!
    Great costumes!

    PS. I started reading your book the other night and I'm really enjoying it. :-)

  4. Jennifer,

    I'm so glad you're enjoying the novel!!

  5. I'm really digging Matt's costume, and I gotta love Jake's hat. :]