Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Refrigerator Needs Fixing Too

If you were with me on Monday, you’ll know that I posted about our frustration with our ISP and buffering. (If you missed it, you can read the blog post just below this one.)

Anyway, last night I got a phone call from EPB. The service person said, “Missus Keller, I heard you have a problem with buffering.

Me, thinking, “How does he know?”: Uh, yeah.

Service Guy: We’d like to fix that for you.

Me, thinking, “The only way he could know is if he read my blog.”: Uh, hold on a minute.

During this time, I tell my husband what is going on. He’s thrilled—fist-pumping the air. At this point, I’m a little creeped out.

Me: Sure. We’d love to have our buffering problem fixed.

SG: When would be a convenient time for you?

Me, thinking, “Seriously, I get to choose a time?”: How about Thursday morning?

SG: Thursday morning it is.

So we’re scheduled to have our buffering problem fixed. And we’ll be able to watch every Yankee out and homerun. But I have to say, that it’s kind of Big Brother-ish. I know that there are a lot of data mining programs available to monitor uses of names, trademarks, etc., on the internet.

Some authors use them to be notified where their names and books are mentioned. But I haven’t. I really don’t need or want to know.

So while I’m really thankful that EPB wants to fix my problem, it’s a reminder that everything’s monitored.

 Hmm. You know what, I’m having some problems with my Roper refrigerator. The lights inside don’t work. We tried replacing the bulbs and that didn’t help…Of course, the fridge is probably 40 years old. But still, I’d love for Roper to fix it. Hello, Roper, are you out there?


  1. My hubby had a similar experience. He complained on Twitter about our DSL service, and lo and behold our phone company tweeted back in under 5 minutes and we had a service tech at the house later that same day.

    I think many of the service providers have folks sweeping the interwebs for complaints. It's a tad Big Brother-ish, but it beats having so sift through six layers of a phone menu, only to be put on hold for 40 minutes, right?

  2. LOL, that is both creepy and awesome? I don't know. I'm always a little freaked when people bring up something I've put online, but then I'm like "Well, I put it online. It's not exactly private." It's a double-edged sword, this. Anyway, hope your buffering problem is solved (and your fridge fixed)!

  3. Wow O_O

    I'd laugh myself silly if Roper contacts you now.