Friday, May 11, 2012

The Magic of Antibiotics

I’m sorry I didn’t post on Wednesday. Two of the kids and I were sick and we had to go to the doctor. (We had sinus infections—who knew three people could get sinus infections at the same time? I thought they weren’t contagious.) And after the visit, I spent five hours tracking down the prescription—seriously, five hours.

After the diagnosis, the doctor sent e-scripts (e-mail prescriptions) to the pharmacy and told me that our prescriptions would be waiting when I got there. It sounded really lovely. Except, it didn’t work. When we got there, the pharmacy had no e-scripts from the doctor.

I called the doctor’s office and was told e-scripts take time to get through (which seems to defeat the purpose). I told the pharmacist, who snorted and told me that e-scripts often get lost in cyberspace. (What do you know, it’s not only query letters and manuscripts that get eaten by the fiend of cyberspace. Apparently, it has a taste for prescriptions too.)

And during the multiple phone calls I made, everyone kept telling me how it wasn’t their fault. And my voice was too sore and raw to tell them I didn’t really care whose fault it was, someone just needed to make a decision and follow-through. Finally, the weight of phone calls (from me and the pharmacy) convinced the receptionist and the nurse to have the doctor send a new prescription.

We finally got our prescriptions. And I took my medicine. It’s been at least fifteen years since I’d last taken antibiotics, so when I woke the next morning and felt so much better, I remembered the magic of antibiotics. Thanks, Dr. Fleming (messy researcher and discoverer of antibiotics)!!

Weird face blind moment (for all my friends who are fascinated by face blindness):

Last night one of my sons woke me (he was feeling bad and wanted medicine). I stared at his face for a second, thinking, "I have no idea who this is." Finally, he said, "Mom?" And I recognized his voice--it was Matthew.


  1. LOL. Oh, I love the kicker to the end of this story! Glad you finally got your meds and are feeling better. Sicknesses just need to leave you and your family alone already!

    Btw, Happy Mother's Day! :D

  2. The face-blind story is a doozie! You must've had quite a start, before you realized who it was.
    Yes, antibiotics are a wonderful thing. Sorry you've all been down with sinus issues. NO FUN! Hope you're all feeling better. :0)

  3. Bummer. Sorry it took so long for that oh-so-much-more-convenient e-scription to go through. And since you felt lousy, it probably felt like it took even longer.

    Recently, I took an antibiotic for the first time in many years, too. Got an unpleasant added attraction with it that I'd completely forgotten about, too. So let me just warn you: be on the look-out for a yeast infection. At least, they're easy enough to cure OTC, nowadays.

    Hope y'all are feeling better now, and a very happy Mother's Day to you.

  4. Sorry that you are all sick. But I am glad that you are on summer vacation at least!