Monday, April 2, 2012


After the craziness of pre-op, I wondered what surgery would by like. It was totally different. I have only nice things to say about the staff at Parkridge East. I don’t even have a bruise where the nurse put in the IV, and I was even dehydrated. (I’ve been known to have my whole arm bruise when I’ve gotten an IV before.)

After the surgery, the codeine was lovely. That night, my wonderful husband set the alarm to go off every 4 hours, so he could give me another dose of pain killers. (Yeah, he’s a keeper.)

The weird thing is that I had a very vivid dream during the surgery. Or maybe it was during recovery. I didn’t think you were supposed to have REM sleep with surgery.

There’s also one more important thing I discovered. When the anesthesiologist noticed that I was a migraine sufferer, she left and came back with a patch of scopolamine. According to her, migraine sufferers have a lot more problems with post-surgical nausea. So the patch deals with that. And I must say, the patch was amazing. I didn’t get a hint of nausea. I’m so thankful.

The only bad thing is that I lost my voice. Which isn’t such a big deal. Except that I got a phone call from American Express. Someone was making fraudulent charges on my credit card. Some loser/thief was charging hundreds of dollars of perfume, etc., on my credit card. I was very pleased the AmEx called me and told me that they were suspicious. Obviously, they know I’m not a big perfume user—in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever bought perfume. But the craziest thing was that I had to talk to a woman from India or Pakistan about the problem. Have you ever tried to carry on a conversation with a woman with a heavy accent while you have post-surgery laryngitis? It doesn’t go so well. There are a lot of “pardons” and “could you repeat that please.” But in the end, we solved the problem, And since it was AmEx, I’m not responsible for any of the faux charges.  Yay, AmEx!!!

At some point, it would be great if some member of the gov’t would do something about all the identity theft.

PS For all that are interested, I should get the results of my biopsy on Tuesday.

PPS If any of you would like to read the Amazon Experts Reviews on my novel, which so far has made it to the quarterfinals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest, here's a link.


  1. I had the same issue with my Amex card a few years ago. They were great about it.

    Hoping for good results on your biopsy.

  2. HUGS to you! And I wish you a speedy recovery!

    I had surgery when I was 7, and I do remember having very weird dreams. Even woke up in the middle of the surgery and they had to put me back to sleep. So yeah, quite an experience! (I had a fractured knee cap from a car accident)

    Anyway, I hate it when people try to steal from credit cards. Happened to me once. Went to buy bread and when it was time to pay, the card reader wouldn't accept my card--turned out there was suspicious activity in my account. So I had to sort it out and get a brand new card with new numbers. What a pain!

  3. I can just imagine a futuristic society where we have to provide a DNA sample every time we swipe our credit cards.

  4. Here's to a speedy recovery! Glad the whole experience was okay, and yay for AmEx getting that solved for you!

  5. Can't tolerate codeine, even for severe stuff. After a bunch of broken bones, I BEGGED the docs for Advil. ;-0

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  6. I would get crazy hallucinations on codeine and vicodan when I had my c-sections - glad to hear you had a good experience and nausea free, too! I have to remember that if I ever need surgery again.