Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Book Tag Party

The lovely S.A. Larson recently began a new kind of tag. A book tag. I thought it was a wonderful idea.

Here are the rules that she set up.

 Zah Rules: Please...

  • Post rules!
  • Tag a BOOK. Yup, it can be a traditionally or Indie published book or a short story in a published book. Want to tag a writer who doesn't have a book out yet? No problem. Tag an idea/beta read you've discussed with them or a blog post you savored. The only catch is you must let the writer know you've tagged them and be fairly confident they will keep the chain going. 
This could be a fabulous way to help traditional as well as Indie authors get the word out about their books!!!! It's also a way for word to travel about awesome bloggers, their posts, and their blogs. Won't you help!!

So I decided to play along. And I'm tagging the talented Kiwi writer, Melissa Pearl. I fell in love with her writing with the first book in her Time Spirit trilogy, Golden Blood. And after reading the next two books in the trilogy, Black Blood and Pure Blood, which were even better, I knew she was the author I wanted to tag. So without further ado. Melissa Pearl, you're tagged!

Here are links to her blog. Her Facebook fan page. She tweets at @MelissaPearlG


  1. Thanks Connie!!! That's awesome. Oooo - my turn now. I'll post on my blog today.

    This is cool fun :)

  2. What a fun idea for spreading the word! I'll have to check out Melissa's stuff now. :)