Friday, December 9, 2011


Today's blog post is short. I have one million and one things to do today. And I can't really procrastinate on any of them because next week is really crazy. Next Monday my mom (who lives in the area) is having part of her spine fused. On Tuesday my daughter is having all four of her wisdom teeth removed. On Wednesday my son is having surgery on his tailbone to remove a cyst.

The most exciting thing today is that it's my grandmother her 93rd birthday. I embroidered pillowcases for her.

Okay, so the lighting's not great--the pillowcases do match. As I was working on these, my daughter fell in love with embroidered pillowcase when she saw these. I let her pick out a set that I'll make for her birthday. After I bought the set she liked, I noticed that they were really complicated. I've never even heard of some of the stitches involved. I guess it's a good thing that her birthday is in April.


  1. Wow, 93! Happy birthday to her! :) And that's a really cute embroidery pattern. I can't wait to see what you do for your daughter's.

    Good luck with the busy-times and all those surgeries. Yikes! I had 2 wisdom teeth out at a time, so I applaud your daughter for doing all 4 at once. Way to get it over with! The key to having as little swollen face as a possible is to ice it consistently the first day right after removal. Also, take the pain meds on schedule or even a little before. Like if you're supposed to take Motrin every 4 hours, take the next dose a little before 4 hours are up. That will prevent the pain in between doses (the 1st dose wearing off before the 2nd kicks in). Hope this helps!

  2. Oh, you have so much medical stuff happening next week. I pray all of that goes smoothly for your family.

    The embroidery is so pretty! I don't embroider, but my friend/co-author does, and it always amazes me.

  3. Thanks, Krispy and Laura. I'll tell Ariel about the icing. I had three out at once, and my mouth swelled shut afterwards. But I haven't brought that up.

  4. OY, I don't envy you all the stresses of next week. Hang in there; it'll pass. Beautiful pillow cases. I'll bet your grandma loved them.

  5. Next week sounds...well...let's there a word that would work...I'm thinking hectic, but somehow that's just not cutting it, is it?!

    I've always admired the patience, time commitment and talent put into such intricate work like embroidery...and I just know you'll master those stitches well before April!!

    I'll be keeping your family in my talks with the Universe and wishing everyone great success in their various surgeries.

    Happy thoughts and birthday wishes to your grandmother - she will love those pillowcases.

    Cheers, Jenny

  6. You did a lovely job! I wish I could do something like that.
    I know you have a busy week this week, so I pray that all the surgeries in your family go well.