Monday, December 19, 2011

Did I feed the dog?

Just so you know, never plan family surgeries back to back to back. And never do them just after you finish several weeks of chicken pox. Because if you did that, afterwards you’d be drooling on yourself.

In all fairness, I didn’t plan them. They were scheduled for me. But I was silly enough to think, “At least, we’ll get it all taken care of all at once.” After all, it’s just some down time and TLC afterwards. We could handle that.

But I forgot to consider that there might be the possibility of multiple special diets. I already have a child with a gluten-free, casein-free diet. Then add liquid diet. And a high fiber diet. And you end up with three people, none of whom can eat the same food. I spent a lot of time cooking. And I was tired, so things got confused. Like the blender whose motor I almost burned out making the smoothies with too many frozen strawberries. Or that batch of homemade cream of potato soup that I put in Tupperware and left on a hot stove. It didn’t fair well.

But I was over tired for a reason. Both post-surgical sufferees were on heavy duty narcotics, but not on the same dosage schedule. It wasn’t a big deal during the day, but nighttime was a different story. Especially when I realized that heavy narcotics don’t allow the proper decision making capabilities.

Me: Okay, here’s a list of your medicines and when you have to take them. See? So you need to take the Vicodin now.

Sufferee: Uh, did I just take it? Or do I still need to take it?

Me (realizing sufferee had narcotics brain): Right. Why don’t I be in charge of your meds?

So Cal and I are tired from getting up during the middle of the night for the first couple of days to prevent the sufferees from overdosing on narcotics. Of course, I realized the kids would have medicines, but I didn’t think one would have six and the other four. Managing ten medicines takes a spread sheet. (Another reason the person on Vicodin could not figure out what to take when.)

But I think we’re through the worst of it now. And no one has any lasting damage. Except maybe the dog. Though she’s not complaining. I suspect she whined her way into multiple meals—when you’re tired, you can’t remember if you fed the dog.


  1. You are a saint. I have trouble remembering to take a vitamin pill every day.

  2. I like how you never mention the child in question by name, but you can almost always guess who it is. :]

  3. Sounds like a horror. I'm glad you made it through the worst of it, so you could write a blog post about it.

    Have good rest of your December and Happy New Year!

  4. You're amazing, seriously. That is a lot going on! Hope you get to rest soon!

  5. Whew! Makes me tired just thinking about it. Bless you, dear lady.

  6. You all are so kind.

    I caught up on sleep on Saturday and Sunday. Now it's planning/shopping for Christmas. :)

  7. Wow, that situation would drive me insane. You're my heroine to handle it so well. :-)

  8. Oh my, reminds me of my first month with my premature twins! (and taking heavy painkillers myself). (and it was the Christmas season, too) (how did we ever manage Christmas that year???) Hope the recoveries continue well!! Oh, and I mentioned your book on my to-read list of my blog today!