Friday, October 7, 2011

Borrowing Library E-books

Very cool, exciting tech news for me. I borrowed an e-book from the library while wearing my jammies and eating breakfast! 

I’ve been waiting since December when I got my Kindle, hoping that libraries and Amazon could reach an agreement. They finally did. I don’t know how many books are currently available. But the book I looked for, which is a new release, was lendable through the library. Interestingly, my library had the hardback version of the book and I could have borrowed it, but they charge a fee for new releases and they don’t for e-books. Yay!

It was pretty easy to download—of course, tech-daughter has already done it so she said, “Click there, click here, click that. Now turn on your Kindle so it can download the book.” Voilà. Now I have the latest Daniel Silva book to read while I run the treadmill this afternoon.

A brave new reader’s world. No more driving to the library, trying to remember which days they are open. No more overdue fees. I’m loving it.

As for Walter the squirrel, someone gave us a humane trap (Thanks, Ken) so we're going to try catching him again. In the meantime, Walter has been a busy boy. Here he is attending a Cardinals game this week. Click here to take you to MLB and watch the video.


  1. That's awesome! (Though I'll be honest, trying to read a digital device on a treadmill might result in a broken ankle for me...)

    Happy reading, and hooray for no more late fees!

  2. Amy,
    Yeah, everyone I know thinks it's impossible to really run and read. But back when I was a "real" runner, the coach always told us that up and down bouncing wastes energy. He taught us to run without excess movement. It's not at all hard and it makes the treadmill so much more fun when I can lose myself in another world.

  3. I'm stoked about this too! I've had my Kindle for a while, and since I barely use it, I thought it'd be great for borrowing some e-books. Imagine my disappointment when I found out I couldn't!

    So yes, I'm very excited that now I can! I already borrowed a book, even though I still have way too many PHYSICAL library books on my plate. Haha.

  4. I am jealous! That is a really great deal:)