Friday, October 28, 2011

Bomb Threat

Yesterday, Luke called me from campus and said, “Uh, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but sirens are going off and students are being escorted out of Grote Hall.” It’s the end of midterms, and a midterm cycle can’t be complete without a bomb threat.

Aside from the very remote possibility of an actual bomb, the threat is a massive hassle. Grote Hall is the chemistry building, which explains why bomb threats are almost always centered at Grote. If I were a freshman, I’d want to get out of a chemistry exam too. But the threats play merry heck with our schedules. Luke is a full-time chemistry major with two jobs and research. Ariel is a full-time math student with a job. Jacob is a dual enrollment student taking Calc 2 lecture and lab. For everyone’s schedule to work together, it takes a spreadsheet and a careful car usage study. Thus, when everyone’s schedule gets whacked (they empty buildings one at a time, and some buildings not all, and no one knows which/when) and the parking lot is off-limits because the bomb dogs are sniffing the cars, it makes my spread sheet irrelevant.

I get phone calls. “Uh, could you pick me up?” I say, “Sure.” (I think, “Ack! I was editing—I’m not going to get this chapter done.”) “Where shall I pick you up?” Adult child, “They’ve closed the road. So I’ll try to get to the corner of X and Y streets.”  After I got to campus and passed the fire trucks, etc., and picked up said child. The child said, “I’m so glad to have a mom who can pick me up. Most students are sitting on the sidewalk, missing work. Thanks.” And then, I remember that editing isn’t the most important thing in my life.


  1. Bomb threats do seem to be a semester-ly midterm tradition at our university. I'm fairly sure we've had one per semester ever since Luke and I have been there....

    P.S. How come Luke gets to be "Luke," whereas I'm "Adult child"? ;)

  2. That's annoying, but I'm glad it wasn't a real bomb threat. :P We had one of those at my high school one year, but never in college. Or maybe I was just never on campus for it...

    Anyway, happy Halloween weekend!

  3. I wouldn't feel comfortable on campus without our seasonal bomb threat!! It makes the semester interesting.!!

    (Just kidding. Bomb threats suck. I was stuck in the EMCS while I waited it out.)