Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is It Only Wednesday?

Okay, this week has been twice the length of a normal one. And it’s only Wednesday. I think it’s the whole back to school/college thing. We don’t have an established schedule yet. Plus, I’m trying to figure out who needs which car when (five drivers and three vehicles). Throw in multiple jobs (Luke has two and Ariel has one), and things get hairy.  

And, of course, I need to start teaching Shakespeare and I can’t find my notes. ACK. How can this be? I know I put my Shakespeare lit crit book on the shelf, but it’s not there. GRR. I’ve scoured every bookcase, and it’s still missing. Did I let someone borrow it? I did find my MacBeth notes, which were in a different place. So guess which play we’re starting with?

Oh, we also have a GI bug in the house, which means I was up past midnight with a sick person. The week is becoming longer by the moment. But, hey, no appliances have died in the last month. My black flies bites have stopped itching. And autumn is right around the corner. Things are looking good.


  1. Sounds hectic! I agree with you though. Can't believe it's only Wednesday. The back-to-school traffic is already starting to affect my commute, which possibly is putting me in a mood. Haha.

    Have my fingers crossed you'll find your notes!

  2. "Don't vorry Harald, it is Vensday."