Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Five

Today is the last day of summer vacation for me. School starts up on Monday. I couldn’t decide whether this Friday Five should be nostalgic for the summer or looking forward to the fall and winter. So it’s both. List what you’ll miss about summer and what you are anticipating in the next few months.

1. I miss the days when I can stand outside and let the heat penetrate my skin. I always imagine that the sun’s rays are sharing their power with me. (I know that’s hokey, but it makes it easier for me to embrace the heat.) I’m looking forward to cold breezes that bite the skin and give me a zest for life.

2. I’ll miss the butterflies, snowy egrets and the hummingbirds. But bring on the freezing death of cockroaches, mosquitoes, and biting black flies.

3. I’ll miss swimming pools and the ocean. On the other hand, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

4. I’ll miss homemade ice cream, cranberry juice popsicles, and watermelon. But it’s time for steaming hot chocolate made from dark chocolate cocoa.

5. I’ll miss getting up whenever I want (I hate alarm clocks). But there’s nothing like watching the pink of sunrise streak the sky.

What are your Friday Five?


  1. I'll miss fresh fruits and vegetables from the local farmer's market every week. But oh, I can't WAIT for apple picking!

  2. I love your Friday Five! Thank you for stopping by Heather's Odyssey and for following. :) It's nice to 'meet' you. I look forward to getting to know you better, and to checking out your book!

  3. It's scary to think how fast time went by. It feels like the other day that everyone was complaining about winter.


  4. I can't believe school is starting! It almost feels like summer didn't even happen over here. I'm NOT looking forward to the 10+ minutes that's going to be added to my commute. -__-

    I love your Friday 5 though! What a perfect blend of things, and evocative too! And homemade ice cream and cranberry juice popsicles sound so, so good right now!!!

  5. I will miss the balmy days that weren't too hot, and weren't too humid. Too bad there weren't very many of them!

  6. Doesn't snow much around here. Too bad.

  7. It's hard to believe another summer's winding down, isn't it? When it's behind us, I'll miss being able to go out into the yard and pick fresh tomatoes and herbs. Not to mention all the wonderful fruits of summer. But it'll be nice when the temperatures dip below ninety degrees again. (They WILL, won't they???)

  8. Our summer ended three months ago, but your Friday Five is a lovely reminder of the season. All we have now is rain, rain and more rain. Oh and did I say rain? ;-)