Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday News

Today is exciting for me. I’m being featured in the Author Spotlight on “The Word is My Oyster” blog, which is written by Lydia Kang. Besides being a writer, mom, and wife, she’s a doctor and writes the most fascinating posts. Medical Mondays are my favorites. If you’d like to read the Author Spotlight, click here.

One more exciting book announcement. My book is now available for Nook. So if you were waiting for the Nook version, click here.

I was hoping to post photos of Matt and Jake’s Shakespeare costumes today, but I’m searching high and low for ¾ inch silver D-rings. I need 16. I have 12. I’ve cleaned out the local fabric stores. And WalMart doesn’t have them. Neither does Hobby Lobby. And I can’t finish the gauntlets without them. I did find out that JoAnn’s was getting a delivery Thursday. Friday morning, I’ll be at the store, hoping for D-rings. If anyone else is there looking for D-rings, they’ll find out that I don’t run those 9 miles a week for no reason. Okay, I don’t run them so I can beat other women to important store items. (I actually hate shopping.) I run because it means I can be healthy, eat more of what I like, and read novels. I think I’m the only woman at the gym who runs a treadmill while wearing reading glasses. But, hey, I’m getting my exercise, which is good because Lindt chocolate and Salt and Vinegar potato chips are calling my name.


  1. Yay! I was just at Lydia's blog and saw it was your feature day. So I popped over to say woohoo!

    Also, so glad you finally got the Nook stuff working!

    I've got my fingers crossed that you'll get those D-rings. :) Good luck!

  2. Woo HOO! Happy Friday! Hope you get your D-rings today. Gonna go check out that other blog.

  3. Thanks Krispy and Susan. Guess what?
    I found D-rings!! I'm doing the happy dance.

  4. It's admirable to see you work so hard on their costumes. I hope Jake and Matt appreciate what you do!!