Friday, July 1, 2011

Connie-Ariel Comedy Hour

My daughter and I drove down to Atlanta today to pick up a friend of hers from the airport. Our trip down was blissfully uneventful. The trip back not so much. First, we encountered 4th of July traffic. I’m not a patient driver. And I was hungry, but I wanted to get out of Atlanta before we stopped for food.

I was driving north and not paying enough attention and ended up taking an exit that I hadn’t intended. I made a couple of U-turns, which Ariel decided were reckless. (But, they weren’t illegal.) Anyway, we got back on the 75. We wanted to go to a Chick-Fil-A for lunch, but couldn’t find one. On the drive down we saw about a 100 CFA restaurants, but on the way home, not one. (BTW, CFA has the best waffle fries in the world.)

We ended up going to Subway, except we missed it and ended up in a very red-neck area of north Georgia—interesting tattoo parlors. Finally we found the Subway. Ariel wanted sweet tea, but the sweet tea wasn’t sweet tea. So Ariel tried to “sugar” it with Sprite. It was gross. We discussed who needed to go get her something drinkable. I lost that argument. Not sure how she won, but I think she played the “headache” trump card.

After we were sated, we kept on driving home. I have a habit on commenting on other drivers’ poor driving habits. Particularly abhorrent are the drivers whose vehicles apparently did not come equipped with turning signals. I guess that feature was too expensive.

And Ariel likes to comment on my driving habits. (As mentioned before on this blog, Ar thinks that Cal and I are rude inner-city, Northern drivers.)

Ar: I think you cut off that driver.

Me: I didn’t. I used my turn signal.

Ar: Yeah, right.

Me: No seriously, that lady wasn’t coming over. Look, she’s still back there, letting another car go ahead of her.

Ar: She’s polite.

After an hour, Ariel’s friend commented that she should’ve video’ed our drive home. Yep, the Connie-Ariel Comedy Hour.


  1. My sympathy for having to drive in my neck of the woods. We live about 17 miles NE of Atlanta, but avoid driving in the city whenever we can. Vehicles "without" turn signals bug me, too, but what bugs me even more is when someone just HAS to cut right in front of me, making me hit my brake, when there isn't another car for a country mile behind me!

    Take care. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. The lovely folks in the government have invented a violation called "reckless driving" for when cops see people doing something that should be illegal that technically isn't. So be careful on those U-turns anyway. :)

  3. I get lost so easily, that I have become a master of the U-Turn. (If by "mastering" it means I don't hit mailboxes anymore.) :D

  4. We will be leaving for our weekend away in a couple of hours and I plan to take the scenic drive instead of the busy interstate. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  5. U-turns are great! Just ask Jacob about our u-turns. By the way, why does Ariel always seem to get headaches?

  6. Ariel is delicate, like a flower.

  7. Oh I had a blast driving through that traffic on Friday too. Dan flew in for the long weekend!