Monday, January 17, 2011


Today is a waiting day.

I’m waiting for classes to start for the kids. It should start tomorrow, assuming that the rain storm that I’m waiting for doesn’t turn into an ice storm.

I’m waiting for UPS to deliver a package I ordered over a week go (two day shipping was irrelevant). UPS promised me it would be delivered last Friday. The delivery guy showed up all right—to tell me that the package was lost. Apparently, their tracking system isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Speaking of cracked, the package I’m waiting for is a ceramic breadstone...which probably didn’t fair well in its lostness. Plus, the day the stone was supposed to arrive, I made two massive batches of bread dough (both gluten-free and regular), which will make eight loaves. It’s waiting in the refrigerator. It will wait a while longer. The bad thing is that I have a really small refrigerator, and I need to buy groceries for the week.

I’m waiting for a partial rejection to come. I sent out the first batch of queries for my murder mystery the other day and got a partial request. Very exciting. I printed it up and mailed it off (to the tune of $8.70—I hate the postal service). Then today I was preparing to email some sample pages and noticed some of the attributions (dialogue tags, etc.) were “off.” Not wrong. Not bad. But not as smooth as they should be. Grr. How did that happen? How did I not notice it before? It’s like going for a job interview and having a bit of spinach between your teeth. And the interviewer can’t listen to what you’re saying because their eyes keep drifting to that spinach. Hmm. I swore I brushed my teeth--that spinach must have been planted by my enemies. Yeah, that’s it. So now I’m waiting. But at least it’s fixed for the next submission. At which point, I’m sure I’ll find something else that I hate...


  1. Sorry you are having one of those dreaded days when nothing seems to happening when you want it to. Maybe tomorrow will be your day to catch up with everything. Take care

  2. Wait upon the Lord, be of good courge and He shall strengthen your heart. I've read that somewhere, and it sounded like good advice.

  3. Good luck on the partial. I have that same feeling often too, after I've sent off a query or submission. I think it's part of that never ending feeling that our MSs could always be better.

    Hope that breadstone comes too. It would be a shame to waste all that dough (literally and figuratively)

  4. Well, the breadstone came and it is in one piece.

  5. ..What enemies would put spinach in your teeth and//or sabotage your novel..?

  6. Ahhh, I wouldn't worry about dialog tags! I've had WORSE mistakes, believe me! And you'll always find something you want to change...right after you've sent the baby off. Don't sweat it.