Monday, July 26, 2010

Jezebel’s New Friend

The other day I babysat a friend’s young children. We had a great time enjoying little ones—reading books and playing with Winnie the Pooh. Later, we sat down for lunch, PB & J sandwiches, fruit, cheese, etc. But since I have teenagers who can eat a full refrigerator empty in less than 24 hours, I forgot that little ones don’t always eat their lunch. And I forgot that Jezebel (our dog) is an unrepentant mooch and is currently on a diet, much to her chagrin.

 During lunch the one year old picked at her sandwich for a while, but wasn’t too interested. Oh, well. However, by the end of the meal, the sandwich was gone. Great, I thought. She must have been hungrier than she thought. After lunch, Ariel gave her string cheese. We’re into munch-while-you-play.

 A few minutes later, Matt yelled, “Um, she’s feeding the dog cheese.”

No wonder Jezebel had been so quiet all through the meal. Yep, Jez has a new best friend, and she followed her around the rest of the afternoon.


  1. I once brought my lunch over to your house after a busy day of schoolwork. I finish eating and placed my bowl next to the door, where I wouldn't forget to grab it on the way out. The moment I left the bowl unattended, Jezebel found my bowl and licked it clean. No wonder she's been more friendly with me.

  2. Oh, that's classic! I have both types in my household: the little ones who sneak food to the cat, and the teenagers who empty the refrigerator in seconds flat. Wait, cats aren't supposed to eat that . . .!

  3. Hi Connie, Just happened onto your blog and can identify with Jezabel. We have a puppy who is a champion begger and I have a picture of him on my blog getting into my wife's ice cream but was caught in the act. He was one in January and has really added so much to our lives. you can see him at & my email is
    have a great evening and I know I will have fun following your blog.

  4. Welcome to the blog, Odie! I'm glad you're enjoying it.