Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Okay, beat me with a wet noodle. Usually I have my blog posts up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday by 7am. Now it’s almost 10 am and I’m just now posting. Three hours late!

My excuse is that everything in my life has been so chaotic. Luke and Ariel are in the midst of finals, and papers are due. (I’m the designated editor/proofreader, and Luke’s had six new things papers and essays due for one of his finals. That prof should be hanged, drawn, and quartered.) And since it’s spring I feel the compelling need to wash and organize. Last night I did the laundry room. It still needs to be mopped, but all the winter stuff (hats, gloves, and coats) has been washed and stored until next year. I’ve cleaned up the various tools scattered all over the laundry room. Because our house has very little storage room, Cal keeps his tool box next to the dryer. Eventually, wrenches, screwdrivers, putty, electrical tape, and weird meters with blinky lights form a pile on top of the box, which cascades onto the floor. At any rate, the tools are now sorted and returned to their rightful homes.

Last night after I finished the laundry room, I “rewarded” Cal’s tool situation by reorganizing his armoire, which means that as of this morning he can no longer find anything in it. Of course, it looks really nice now. (I actually tired to put everything back exactly where he keeps it, but now it looks different.)

I have to admit that I like walking into the laundry room and seeing the tidiness. It makes me smile. And it makes me want to start on the kitchen cupboards. My new motto is “If you haven’t used it today, it needs to be stored away.” Okay, I’ll keep stuff in the cupboards if I’ve used it in the last week, but “week” doesn’t rhyme with “away.”


  1. You are actually only a little bit late because it is 7:17 here in California : )

    My mom's motto is "right place, right away".

  2. That is what I did with the garage. It actually started out as a furious purging, because i couldn't get my bike out of the wretched thing. I just started emptying the garage out. Then I decided it would be better to organize instead of leaving the garage contents in a glorified heap on the lawn.

    It felt so nice to have it organized!!!

    Mom's motto is;
    "If you leave it here for ten days, its goin in the trash for all eternity" or something to that effect:)

    Grace Duke

  3. We clean our house very Saturday, but it only takes a couple of days for it to look like a complete mess again!!

  4. We clean the house before it gets dirty!

  5. *Sigh.* I am envious of you, Luke!!