Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Words

Do you ever sit and stare at those “verification codes?” VCs are the letter (and sometimes numbers) combinations that you have to type in when you’re commenting on someone’s blog. I’ll admit that I like to ponder them. (I also like to read phone books, the dictionary, and thesauri. Sad, but true.) Some of the VC combinations are interesting—you could make up definitions for them.

For Example:

1. Ratat: This is the noise a 1930s era tommy gun makes. “Ra-tat, ra-tat, ra-tat.”

2. Rebonico: This sounds like some weird differential equations term. “Instead of taking the inverse of the LaPlace transformation, just use the Rebonico multiplier.”

3. Uslys: As in “You slys.” Imagine two Italian mobsters who will soon be shadowing a peon before killing him. Their boss would say, “Hey, U-slys, if you guys-es see Mickey slip some of that protection dough into his own pockets, put him on ice.”

4. Punte: Doesn’t this mean “fifty” is some obscure Latin-derived language like Frepanish?

Here are some others, dear readers. How about you come up with some definitions?

1. Kellis

2. Entest

3. Audens


  1. "Entest" is where you smother someone with their "F" grade test.

  2. Hahaha! I think Luke is still having violent post-final attacks...

    Kellis is a word for a murderer who is so suave and has such a stoic demeanor that you could hardly call him/her a killer. Like, uh, the dude from North By Northwest. That is lame, I know. But its before breakfast....:)


    Ooh! here's another "Lacen"

  3. Audens is another word for "hark!" derived from the Latin. "Audens! I hear the sound of sweet definitions!"

    My VC for this post is cespin, which is clearly a combination of cess and spin, meaning the way the water in the toilet swirls as it flushes.

  4. I love how this is turning out already! Thanks, guys!

  5. Hmm...I think "entest" is a word Lord of the Rings fanatics use to describe the extent of a tree's similarity to an ent. "I think this is the Ent-est tree in the whole forest!"

  6. 1. Kellis is like kill this... kinda so it means kill this.

    2. Entest for trials to end (end test).

    3. Audens is derived from the Latin word Audientia (hearing) so it means "to hear".

  7. Geez.. I was going to comment on the VC that I had to enter when I posted this comment. Be that as it may, Google purposefully gave me a boring word to mess up my plans: The word is RENTS.

    Oh, and "Audens" is when you realize you have to half something, but it has "Odd Ends," meaning you can't perfectly half it. This results with you screaming "AUDENS!!"

  8. Hey! Ouslag is that feeling that you get when you have been in the car for fifty hours.
    "Ugh, I have such an ouslag-y smell, dont hug me!"

    Grace Duke

  9. Hey!! Mrs. K!! I dare you to make this a commonly repeating feature of your blog!!

  10. I got kreseur, sounds like a green and slimy German food.

    Audens - synonym for bold

    Entest - The opposite of detest

    Kellis - A poorly thought up name for a fantasy character

  11. Here's a new one: Mogie= a flattering term for a troll.

    *purposefully messes up verification to get new word*

    ugh! It was Andes. Like the Andes mountain. How so not creative.

    Grace Duke

  12. A moggie is actually a cat. At least it is according to Bertie in Jeeves and Wooster.

  13. One VC I got today was "Plitedi", it sounds sort of like a branch of animals. Kind of like...
    "This animal belongs to the genus Plitedi and the phyla Entest."
    Wisica is the VC for this comment. Sounds like a town name, maybe in ancient greece.