Friday, February 26, 2010


The Olympics are nearly over, and I’m glad. Not that I don’t love the Olympics, I do. But I’m getting tired of the Russians—“we are number one,” even when they’re not. Those Aboriginal costumes and dance...what were they thinking? Even if we ignore the socio-political aspects of the fiasco, it was still lame.

Or, my favorite, “I didn’t win silver. I won platinum.” Yeah, right. Um, hello, didn’t your parents/coaches/friends ever mention two words: gracious loser. Or even one word: humility. On the other hand, Ariel’s Russian violin teacher always used to say, “You must always think you are the best. You are the best.” So the Russians may be reaping what they sow.

I have to admit that I haven’t been watching the Olympics on television. We don’t have cable, and thus we have no TV reception (yes, I consider this a blessing in disguise), although we did watch part of the women’s freeskate last night at my parents’ house. And we got to see the South Korean girl skate a nearly perfect performance. Sadly, we heard that her home country puts so much pressure on her that she gets nasty emails when she comes in second. (Note to South Korea: it is a game, not a referendum on your greatness as a country.) The TV commentator said that she was an amazingly humble competitor. Maybe the Russians can hire her to teach them humility.

In spite of the “life lessons,” I am glad it’s almost over. People tend to obsess over the Olympics. I understand the draw it is for people to watch the athletes as they try to achieve a moment of sheer perfection under inhuman stress after having spent years and years of training (there’s a comparison to be made to writers who spend years toiling over books that may never sell). But it’s time for Americans to get back to productivity. Have you noticed how many bleary-eyed, crabby people are walking around these days? They’re all staying up way too late. In fact, Luke’s professors come to class and say, “Sorry, I didn’t get the exams graded this week either. I still was too busy watching the Olympics.” I’m sure it will be better after the Olympics are over. Although Ariel has a prof who can’t grade anything when NASCAR is on. NASCAR?! It’s just a bunch of guys (and sometimes Danica Patrick) driving cars around and around and around and around. I don’t get that at all.


  1. It was just one professor, and yes, Mr Parker is a dolt.

  2. Your post was hilarious:)

    Nascar? I never got that. I could get the same thrill watching our three-foot circle track here at home.

    Olympics, I have never been able to watch them. The Russians need help. And haircuts...

  3. Yes, the Russians could use some humility. I heard that that Plashenko skater man just had to clamber up onto the gold podium before going to his silver podium. Sore loser perhaps. But I have to say, since the Olympics are pretty much the only sporting event(s) that I watch, I enjoy them a lot. Maybe not curling at 2 am, but a reasonable amount.

  4. At least the professors were honest enough to admit they were slacking while watching the television!!