Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Five

A follower of the blog (Andrew) emailed me this week and asked if we could do a Friday Five. I realized that we haven’t done one in a long time so we’re due for one.

I asked my kids for suggestions for Friday Five topics and they suggested “Favorite Computer Games.” I immediately protested that I didn’t have five computer games that I played, let alone five favorites. They suggested I could choose Pong—then, they laughed derisively. Yes, I did play Pong back in the day. (And I was a master Asteroids player.) Maybe we’ll do that Friday Five eventually—when I have five computer games that I like. In the meantime, tell me what your five favorite songs are and why. Here are mine.

1. Anything by J. S. Bach. Okay, not anything—I am so sick of Sonatas and Partitas. *Gag* Ariel’s violin teacher believes S & P are the most beautiful things. They’re not. Get over it.

2. “It’s a Beautiful Day” by U2. Also “Vertigo” and “Elevation.” The music video for “Vertigo” is bizarre, but notice the visual allusions to Dante’s Inferno.

3. Cooking music. My kids will hassle me for days if I don’t admit to my cooking music. When I cook, I listen to an eclectic mix of songs on My playlist includes everything from Pat Benetar’s “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” to “Sloop John B” to “Dreams” by the Cranberries to “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” (which I really, really love and I don’t know why) to “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” (I have to say that based on the fiddle playing, the Devil should’ve won, which would be more Faustian anyway.)

4. Dissonant music. Honestly. I like Bartok—it reminds me of forests shrouded in fog and mystery. I even like Schoenberg. *Gasp*

5. “Who Spiked the Eggnog?” by Straight No Chaser. They’re an amazing a’cappella group. (I know that sounds lame, but they make it cool.) Here’s a link to the song. And every aspiring writer, who thinks they’re never going to be published, ought to read SNC’s story on their website.

I’m sure you haven’t failed to notice that I’ve listed way more than 5 songs. Neener. It’s my blog. But you’re welcome to do the same—just make them fit in five numbers.


  1. Love the list! I have "cleaning music" instead of "cooking music" :)

  2. I love Aretha Franklin or Louis Armstrong (esp. Mack the Knife) for housework.

  3. 1. Hammer to Fall, by Queen, and everything else they've played.

    2. What do you love more than love, by Dar Williams, and everything else she's played.

    3. Here comes the Sun, by the Beatles, and everything else they've played.

    4. Viva La Vida, by Coldplay. I've never heard anything else they've played but I heard it all sucked.

    5. I heard a song recently that I enjoyed: Breakfast at Tiffany's, by Deep Blue Something. Alexie said it was stupid though. Alack. I like music that plays on Sunny 92.3.

    I actually just named a couple of artists I like and my favorite song of theirs. Except in 4 and 5. Whatever.

  4. 1: Who Spiked the Eggnog? by Straight No Chaser, Really cool.

    2: The Romanian Dances by Bartok, because it's dissonant.

    3: No good deed from the prequel to Wizard of Oz, dissonant too.

    4: What is this Feeling (Loathing), from the prequel to Wizard of Oz

    5: Beautiful Day by U2.

  5. 1: Anything Michael Card

    2: "Caravan" by Nat King Cole

    3: "High Society Calypso" by Louis Armstrong

    4: "Runaway" by the Hoodwinked peoples

    5: Anything Bach or Beethoven

    I am really trying not to write more...I wont even get into Saticoy or Lizz Wright or...nevermind...

    Grace Duke

  6. Wait? Luke? He doesnt want to delve into his love of chick-flick soundtracks...heh
    I'm in a dangerous mood.

    Grace Duke

  7. What the Heck. . . ? What's that all about?

  8. The prequel to the Wizard of Oz is entitled "Wicked."

    And songs from musicals are also some of my all-time favorites, especially from Stephen Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Webber!

  9. Humph. I've been so busy recently, I haven't had time to post my favorite five!! I better get thinking...

  10. 1. U2, esp. "Mysterious Ways," "Elevation," and "The Sweetest Thing." (Actually, Bono wrote "The Sweetest Thing" as an apology after he forgot his wife's birthday.)

    2. Straight No Chaser, esp. "I'm Yours/Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

    3. More U2, esp. "Stuck in a Moment," "Vertigo," and "Beautiful Day."

    4. The Eagles, "The Sad Cafe"

    5. Journey, "Faithfully"

    I made a playlist with my "Friday Five" songs:

  11. Hey, Mrs. Keller!! Why don't you do "Board Games" as your next Friday Five, instead of "Computer Games?"