Friday, February 19, 2010

Books Rule

I love books. And I love movies. But sometimes the two shouldn’t mix.

I know that when I go to see a movie based on a book that I loved, I should pretend that the movie I’m seeing has nothing to do with the book I love. But I can’t do that. Instead, I get excited. I think:

“I’m going to see Percy and Annabeth and Grover and Clarisse.”
Oh, wait, they dumped Clarisse for the movie.
“I’m going to see Posideon in his Hawaiian shirt and Bermuda shorts.”
Oh, wait, they put him in Greek leather armor instead.
“Ares will be wearing his biker dude leather outfit and Percy will best him in a battle.”
Oh, wait, no Ares in the movie at all. And instead of Ares coveting Zeus’s
lightning bolt, it’s Hades.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the Percy Jackson & the Olympians movie. It’s just not the book. A two hour movie can’t do justice to a book that’s read over a period of days. And it’s especially true of a book you read aloud. Read-aloud books, by virtue of the time involved and shared enjoyment with your family, become a special, almost sacred experience. No movie can compete with that.

Maybe I’ll enjoy it more when it comes out on DVD and I’m no longer hoping for things that don’t exist.

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy remembering the sweet ride when Percy, Annabeth, and Grover escape from the Lotus Eaters. I’m sure that I could make it from Vegas to LA in three hours—in a Maserati.


  1. I hear you--I couldn't do the Narnia movies. I know I had friends who said that the first one was great, but I knew it wouldn't do it for me--so I left it alone :)

  2. So in short the movie really doesn't have anything to do with the book at all except for a few characters in common. I mean, if there isn't Ares, then aren't you missing the entire plot twist?

    In my opinion, they should do Percy Jackson in 30 minute made-for-TV episodes. That's how it is written.

  3. The book would have been so easy to adapt! Besides, I prefer actors/esses who are more close to the ages in the book. Annabeth being 20, cmon.

    Any way...I'll have to watch it. It looks fun.

    Grace Duke

  4. Hm? What? You guys watched it already? Geez... I missed out.

    Anyway, just imagine if people started taking famous movies and attempting to adapt them to books.
    From what I hear, some people are already doing that. Ugh.

  5. I think they did a decent job. The characters were somewhat altered, but they still worked.

  6. Duncan-

    You're exactly right--it would have made a great TV series because the book is episodic in nature.

  7. Most books are more episodic by nature. Not all of them... but most.