Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Towel Creations

Caveat: my male teen readers may sneer at this post. But here’s a word to the wise—a few “cute” skills make you seem sensitive. Women like a tough, but sensitive man.

When we went on our cruise, every night when we came back to our room the stewards left chocolates on the bed as well as an adorable animal made out of towels and washcloths. They made everything from monkeys to elephants to pigs. In fact, twenty some different animals can be made using a bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth.

The cruise line, being very financially wise, publishes a book on how to create animals from towels. For a fee, you can buy the book. My birthday was coming up and a dear relative bought me a book for my birthday—Yay!

Now when you visit our restroom, you’ll see a towel animal perched on the counter. Here are a couple of photos.

Here’s the elephant.

Here’s the cool pig. (Matthew made this one.)


  1. ...Cool... Pig...?

  2. Hmm...apparently none of your male readers have any desire to appear "sensitive." Andrew's the only one who commented, and he commented to sneer, thus earning no "sensitive-cuteness-points." :P

  3. Great idea! I was looking at napkin-folding books, but towels would be fun. I just did a rubber duckie-bathroom...I'll have to try to make a towel duckie. I collect elephants (no, not real ones), so the ellie-towel is great!

    I enjoy reading your blogs. It brings back lots of memories of raising my own bunch. Aunt Judy