Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Effects of Global Warming

My yard and garden are very concerned about the effects of global warming. Unfortunately, they misunderstand the issue. They’re concerned it’s not warm enough. They don’t rely on falsified climatology reports. They rely on snow. Snow like they haven’t seen in years. Here are some photos.

The following pictures are from our neighborhood. Notice the very cute houses—they are up the street a few doors from where we live. We live in the ugly step-child area of an artsy, hip neighborhood.

See, I told you it was a hip neighborhood.

I'm not sure I get the head-on-a-pedestal thing, but then again I'm not artsy.


  1. Maybe it's an Easter Island thing.

  2. ...Wow. That's cool. I just love snow!!

  3. Um, it looks like Obama...

    Grace Duke

  4. Well, let's use it as target-practice.

  5. I love seeing snow people...and winnie the pooh? people's yards!