Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Cure for Writer’s Block

Every writer should be forced to sit in the math computer lab—she (or he) will learn the joys of forced writing/editing. There are no distractions. The walls are mushroom gray and oatmeal blah. The white boards are full ghostly calculations of suffers past, present, and, perhaps, future. No internet access for non-UTC students so I can’t surf blogs. No idle conversation to overhear other than the usual Maple profanities. I’ve discovered that you can only win so many rounds of spider solitaire before that gets tedious. Even Ariel doesn’t distract me except to demand that I examine matrices that look fine to me, but apparently don’t work.

In this environment, it’s either write/edit or die of boredom. Hmm. Maybe I could cash in on this. I could start the Connie Keller Writing Method. I could charge people money to bring them to the Engineering, Math, and Computer Science building and force them to sit in Maple lab until they reach their word count goal. That could seriously work. Although I might get sued for cruel and unusual punishment, but it’s worth a shot


  1. You know, you can get internet access. Just not on your laptop--you'd have to use one of the computers at the computer lab.

    And for the record, when maple says "matrix error" it means that the matrix isn't working. Just saying, seeing as you thought they looked fine... ;)

  2. You also can't be sued for cruel and unusual punishment unless you are the government. -Concerned Political Science Student

  3. You didn't have a period at the end of your last sentence.

  4. Hmm... Where can I get a ticket for this method?