Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Corrupter of Youth

I am one and one half chapters from finishing the end of another edit of my young adult manuscript, Screwing Up Time. Yep, that’s the title, at least until I change it. What can you expect from a person who names her sweet black Lab, Jezebel?

I’m supposed to be excited that I’m almost finished, but I’m not. Why? I could tell you that it’s because the market is terrible. This is true. I could say that it’s because selling a debut novel is like trying to sell Detroit car stocks to an out-of-work GM salesman. This is also true. I could say I’m sick and tired of editing…way true. (Unless you’re a literary agent who wants to sign my book—then, I’m eager to make any and all changes you’d like.)

No, the real reason I’m not excited is that I have a “project” waiting. I have to take 8 yards of fabric (uber-feminine material, tiny bronze and brown flowers on a white background, I prefer plaids) and turn it into a Regency gown. Ariel and I are part of a Jane Austen club, which is very fun. But I have to get my dress made before our spring picnic. And, of course, the dress is fully lined. Yuck! Thankfully, I bought the $15 pattern for 99 cents and the fabric for $1.50 a yard. I can pat myself on the back for shrewd savings. But now, I have to cut out the pattern and fabric. And sew it. In my spare time. It’s got scads of pieces and yards of trim. I should have started weeks ago, but I needed to finish editing first.

I could tell my JA group that I couldn’t finish the gown in time because I was editing SUT. But, women who live for Austen aren’t likely to forgive me for writing a book called Screwing Up Time. They might shout “corrupter of youth” and throw their fans and gloves at me. Not to mention petit fours. That would be okay. I like petit fours.

Here’s me with my yards of fabric. Maybe I could turn it into a toga—Austen at a costume ball…


  1. ...and then they will all shun your children who are, no doubt, the first of those youths to be corrupted.

    We'll just have to start a fan/glove collection and then we can take all those assorted gloves and fans home for our "collection."

  2. Oh no!! Not the gloves and fans!! You better sow quickly if you don't want to be hit by those oh-so-painful objects!!