Thursday, March 24, 2016

Book Review: The Travelers

 Having read Mr. Pavone’s other novels, I was eager to read The Travelers. After finishing the novel, I have to say it’s a thriller that lives up to the genre. The plot is complex and well-paced. The writing is very clean, which I really appreciate in a thriller—there’s nothing worse than awkward writing to slow the reading and take the reader out of the story.

That said, I did have a few caveats. At the beginning of the novel, the point of view changed frequently, as did the setting. While I was able to keep the characters straight, without knowing for certain who they were, I was disappointed that the setting changed so quickly I didn’t get to experience the locales. After all, one of the things a reader looks forward to in books with exotic locations is the chance to live in them vicariously—to smell the sea breeze in St-Jean-de-Luz and feel the heat of Capri. That said, by the end of the novel, I did get a wonderful sense of Iceland. But I would have loved to experience the same sensory texture at some of the other locales.

I did appreciate the way the relationship between the main character and his wife grew over the course of the story. While the ending may not be completely realistic, I did love how the couple overcame their struggles and were able to forgive one another. In modern novels, it is rare to find married couples who truly care for one another and are able to let love be the gateway for forgiveness. For that, and the enthralling thrill ride, I will give The Travelers four stars.

One final caveat. This novel does have many adult scenes. Many of which are crude. I understand their function in the novel, but I do want to warn readers that the scenes are a bit gratuitous.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for a review.

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  1. Oh man! Until that last paragraph I was thinking maybe I'd have to try this book. *sigh*

    Crystal Collier