Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Holiday!

In Chattanooga, we usually get one good snowstorm a year. And when we do, we stop to marvel.

A bluebird sunning himself on our window ledge.

We had a flock of bluebirds.

These sparrows had already built in nest in our gutter. When they got snowed in, they excavated a tunnel.
They have been popping in and out as they go about their birdly business.
No snowstorm would be complete without hot tubbing in the snow.
Afterwards, we had bowls of snow cream.


  1. Those bluebirds are sooooo cute. I've never seen one in real life--I guess I'm too far north.(And also too far north to still find snow wonder-causing when it keeps coming and only melting enough to create immovable ice chunks...grumble, grumble). But hey, enjoy your brief bit of magic. :-)

  2. I remember growing up listening to the birds over breakfast. They'd lodge in the trees behind our house, and it was always exciting to see the returning blue jay, or whatever other unique bird decided to take up residence.

    Love the pictures!

  3. I am catching up on your blog, and ah, this post! It's kind of amazing. I love the blue birds (so cute!) and that hot-tubbing in the snow pic just looks magical!