Monday, January 19, 2015

Our Five Star College Resort

Five Golden Stars Isolated

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that we live very near a major university and have been blessed with having our kids live at home as they attend classes (thereby saving everyone a lot of money). My husband, who thinks the kids are getting a great deal, refers to our home as the Five-Star Keller College Resort. However, having four independent, strong-willed adults under one roof is sometimes…interesting. Such things are best handled with humor.

Lately, a student/resident lodged a complaint with the management about the winter temperature of the resort. I think the phrase “Our house is an ice pit” may have been used. I believe I responded, “Wear more clothing.”

When I realized that breathing formed clouds, I bought one of the residents a space heater.

This is the note I left in the room of our guest:

“The Keller College Resort has noted the current heating problem and has taken steps to remedy the situation. We hope this will allow us to maintain our current five star rating. Sincerely, The Management”

I found this note later on my bed:

“Resident Keller would like to remind the management that they currently only have three stars. However, he is still thankful for the snazzy new heating element that resident Jacob will be jealous of.”

I love my kids. 


  1. Sounds like you guys have a lot of fun - and that is the best way to get through anything bordering on hard times!

  2. I'll bet you don't keep the house as cold as I keep my apartment.

  3. Ha! Hilarious! And a space heater does wonders. I have a big drafty apartment and it makes it so much comfier. I also lived at home for a couple years in college, after living in the dorms freshman/sophomore year - SUCH a great decision. And my mom loved it, too ;)