Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Painting

Once or twice a year (depending on how long/busy our vacations are), my husband does a watercolor. This year he took two weeks off to relax and spend time with the kids and me. And paint a watercolor. And just for the record, artists are every bit as obsessed and grumpy about their work as writers are. (It's definitely different being on the other side. Now I'm the one rolling my eyes when I hear, "It's horrible. I wish I could start over." Etc.)

Here are some photos. Be warned the quality of my camera is very bad. The painting itself has much deeper colors and the images are much sharper. But here's Calvin's latest painting. It's from our trip to France and it's me visiting the Queen's Hamlet at Versailles.

Here is the sketch before the painting begins.

Half painted. The color in this photo is more accurate to the painting.
Completed. But awaiting a frame.

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  1. WOW! Your husband is so talented! Look at the detail on those leaves! This is a beautiful painting. So funny that all creative folks are the same when it comes to being hard on themselves about their work :)