Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow and Leopard Print

This week my blog posting days got switched—I was helping Crystal celebrate the release of her novel Moonless by writing a list of my top ten literary crushes at my Screwing Up Time blog. So if you want to read Monday’s post, clickhere.

This morning I’m watching snow fall. To me there is nothing more peaceful. (Even after living in New England for seven years, my heart still stops when I see snowflakes in the air.)

Maybe it’s the utter silence that comes with snow, as if the world is holding its breath. Or maybe it’s the way white covers everything, and I can pretend that the dirt and filth of the world are gone. (Yeah, those Dutch genes surface at the most unlikely of times.) Or maybe it’s getting a day off—long walks, junk food, and uninterrupted reading/writing time!

So I’m sitting on the couch, wearing my leopard-spot pajamas (my kids were appalled when they first saw the animal print, but, hey, I’m closer to 50 than 40 and if I want to wear leopard-spot pajamas, I’m going to do it), and drinking hot coffee. And my plan for the day is to be sitting here in four hours drinking hot chocolate made with heavy cream and watching the snow fall, although I plan to be wearing jeans and a wool sweater. (On day, I’ve got to find a leopard spot sweatshirt to annoy my children.)


  1. Wow. That sounds so relaxing. I need some of that--the relaxing, except I'd be eating cheese is to be expected. ;)

  2. I like to watch snow. Especially when it's someplace else :-). Thank you for commenting on my blog today. After getting a number of comments, I picked the best from both blurbs and rewrote the whole thing. The result? Magic!

  3. Yay, Amy! There's is nothing harder than writing a blurb.