Friday, February 8, 2013

Blizzard-induced Green Eyes

I’ve been watching the weather with green eyes today because I’m finding myself very envious of the New England blizzard. (We lived there for seven years. And I don’t even mind the shoveling—I think of it as weather-induced exercise.) I know I should be thankful that we won’t have the power outages or the damage. And I am.

But I miss the pristine beauty of freshly fallen snow. I love the absolute silence of standing outside in a snow storm and not hearing a single sound. And when the snow turns to blizzard, I love the sense of other-worldliness as the drifts obliterate all that is familiar.

But I will content myself with the swirl of snow we had last Saturday. And I’ll enjoy the fact that spring has come early and all my daffodils are blooming. But I’ll checking Facebook for all my friends’ status updates on snow totals and praying they stay safe. And if they go over 18” (the highest blizzard total we had while we lived there), I think my eyes will go permanently green.

File:Miniskirts in snow storm.jpg


  1. We're supposed to get hit here in NY's capitol region, too, but so far the New Englanders and Northern NY are hogging it all. Share the wealth, people! I have two little girls (and their mamma) who LOVE to shovel.

  2. Our snowfall in Philly has been very skimpy this year, too. We've had three or four snows of 1-3 inches that melted off in a day.

    I get the envy thing. I wouldn't mind at least a 4-6 snow that stuck around for a few days, just so my daughter could sled a little.

  3. I loved heavy snow when we lived in Denver, but usually they had only a few inches, then sunshine, so I'd be left with muddy footprints all through the house and having to deal with all the snow clothes, but a good heavy blizzard...wonderful!

    Not sure I'd enjoy it so much anymore...too old to shovel snow, but if I could just stay inside and watch it, while sitting by a fire sipping a mug of hot chocolate...yeah, I could handle that :>)

  4. I hope it doesn't end up at 18". :P It's been coming down pretty hard since mid-afternoon and there's definitely stuff to shovel.

  5. Me too! I love major snowfalls--not only are they so pretty, but I can actually get out and snowshoe!

    I never understand people who get happy about "warmer" (ie 40 degree) weather this time of year--that just means rain and mud and ice and yuck. Give me snow any day!