Monday, September 17, 2012

The Answer is...Food

Exam season has started at our house. Matt preps for the PSAT. And the other three are taking college exams. We have standard well wishes for the students leaving the house.

Me: “Take this bag of trail mix so you can eat it right before the exam for a quick burst of mental energy.”

Matt yells out, “Nervousness is the key to failure.”

Cal says, “The answer’s two.” (If it’s not a math/chem/physics exam, then he says the answer’s “C.”)

Generally, the response is an exaggerated eye roll. Then the other day, Ariel was on campus. And a friend told her, “Ariel, the answer is two.”

Ar said, “That’s what my dad always says.”

Ar’s friend, “That man has a great sense of humor.”

Cal thinks his coolness factor has escalated. Now I need to increase my coolness factor. I’m considering offering a mug of French-press coffee, Gatorade, beef jerky. But in either case, I don’t think I’ll escape the my-mom-who-was-raised-by-a-European-thinks-food-is-the-answer-to-everything. 


  1. so cute everyone puts in their own personal mantra to exam success! And what are you talking about? Food IS the answer to everything:)

  2. LOL!

    Thanks for the dog obedience program too!

  3. Ha! That actually happened? That's hilarious!

  4. Well, according to my bio class this morning, food can be the answer to a lot of things (as far as thought processes go).
    The brain runs on sugar/glucose and your body metabolizes fats, so eat a lot of chocolate:)

  5. Of COURSE food is the answer to everything!