Monday, November 7, 2011

Let the Holiday Season Begin

For me the holiday season begins at the end of October when I bake my fruitcake. Before you groan or crack a joke, this is not the doorstop brick that your grandmother used to buy. This is an old Southern Living fruitcake, which is actually called "light." Not because it's low calorie, but because it's less dense--leaving more more for the brandy to soak in. YUM.

I start with this:

And end up with this:

Notice the white cheesecloth, it's there to keep the fruitcake damp with brandy. And it's sealed in a Tupperware container.

In early celebration of the holidays, here a Straight No Chaser song. Who knew that a'capella could be cool?


  1. I have to admit, any kind of fruitcake in person makes me turn a little green, but reading about them in old English novels - or the way you make yours - does sound delicious. Maybe I should try taking a bite sometime with my eyes closed?

  2. I have to tell you. I'm still a bit leery of fruitcakes. I think it's the red and green candies. With out them, I'd probably be on board... but they make me think of the bright colors on the backs of frogs, you know, the ones that more or less say "I'm poisonous."

    Maybe someday I'll be brave enough to try (a light) one.

  3. I've never met a fruitcake I didn't like. But yours is definitely superior. I resent wise cracks about these venerable holiday traditions. Every comic seems to think he shares a common loathing of these tasty morsels.

  4. We love fruitcake. We always wish that all those people who "donate" their unwanted fruitcakes would send them our way!

    However, I have my Grandma's old recipe and it's wonderful. She was from KY, so it probably qualifies as "Old South". She made her fruitcakes right after Christmas and soaked them all through the year, keeping them wrapped in cheesecloth in her dark pantry.

    Maybe I'll have to go make some in the next day or two since no one seems to be sending any unwanted ones our way~

  5. Mmm. Can I have a slice? I love fruitcake. The good kinds always make a wee bit tipsy, LOL

  6. Can't say that I'm a huge fan of fruitcake, but yours does look good. The holiday cake I like is a whiskey cake that's filled with raisins and walnuts. No candied fruits, though.

  7. I have not tried this cake yet! I am not fruitcake person, generally:)