Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Five plus one

Friday Five

Luke and Ariel finished their finals yesterday. I remember that there was always a surreal feeling afterwards. What are/were your five favorite things to do after exams are over?

1. Sleep in. Yesterday, Luke and Ariel announced they were sleeping in. Except they didn’t. They were both up earlier than during the school year.

2. Watch a movie. We saw The King’s Speech. When I was in college, my friends and I went to see Cinderella—lame, but this was in the days before the ubiquity of VHS.

3. Eat junk food. We had candy bars. Cal ate his in the first two minutes, then he wanted part of mine. I’m very protective of my peanut M&Ms. And selfish. I didn’t give him any.

4. Wrestle. Personally, I’ve never done this. But Luke and Matt have been wrestling almost constantly, though in all fairness, Matt is the instigator.

5. Clean. Personally, I’ve never had to clean after exams—I dealt with exam stress by cleaning. My room/apartment was always pristine during exams. Ariel’s room is also cleaner than it’s been in a long time. Luke, who’s normally neat, must have exploded something in his room—clothes, papers, books, notecards everywhere. He announced that he is cleaning this morning.

6. Yeah, I know this is supposed to be five, but I couldn’t resist. Number Six is Act Totally Weird. Matthew is currently practicing the piano and he and Luke are “singing.” Actually, they’re moaning in tempo to Dussek’s Sonatina and they’re calling themselves The Moaning Musicians.


  1. Hahhaa--I usually just headed back to start packing LOL. Or spent some time outside--my town is a gorgeous place to be after spring exams.

  2. Whoah, so its like the Happy Yodelers from Hoodwinked...except worse. Got it. Totally selling tickets now.

  3. King's Speech, Sleep and Junk Food. Nice!

  4. LOL, the Moaning Musicians! Finals will make you act crazy, but my friend and I found we were the most hysterical at 3am in the morning when pulling an all-nighter.

    Also, I agree with Samantha, SLEEP FTW! I think after finals though, I treated myself to mindlessness. I plopped myself in front of a TV and vegged out for hours.

  5. Ha ha! Totally great list. The last one was the best!

  6. What? No audio of your talented musicians? That must be a hoot to hear. (or a moan)

    It's been so many years since I personally experienced an end-of-exams high, I can barely remember. Seems to me that sleep was high on the list, though. My kids were a little weird all the time, so end-of-year hijinks for them was just more of the same, magnified.

  7. I never said anything about sleeping in. Anyway, Matthew and I are trying to contact record companiesto give them deals on our moaning music, but they keep on screening our calls.

  8. This is actually my first Summer Break ever. I've always worked through school during all seasons, and after seventeen years, do I get my first break!! Let's hope I make five plus one summer traditions!!

  9. During my middler of seminary, we played games like Rook, rummy, canasta and worked on puzzles with several other married couples at the married student apartments. The next day I had an ache in the gut that wouldn't go away. It was not the obvious hangover. At about 6 that evening I had my appendix removed.