Monday, June 7, 2010

Shoe Love

I admit that I love shoes. Ariel loves shoes. I’m pretty sure that most women love shoes. Even little girls loves shoes—I wonder if it’s an X-linked trait. Yesterday I was leading Sunday school singing and one of my three year olds (I teach two and three year olds) raised her hand. I thought she was picking a song so I called on her. Instead she said, “Mrs. Keller, can I try on your shoes?” I said, “As soon as we get to class.”

When we got to class I took off my strappy black high-heeled sandals. She tried them on and looked at them. “Hmm,” she said, “They’re a little big.” Shoe love starts early.


  1. In Leverage Parker wonders why women like shoes. I wonder the same thing.

  2. Shoes are fun. I like shopping for shoes...I once owned a really expensive pair of sandals...I should have kept them...but I sold them for 100 bucks!

    Grace Duke

  3. I can see why you would want the hundred bucks, but why would you want the shoes?

  4. Yes. Shoe-shopping is fun. Most of the time, I don't much like shopping, but I don't mind shopping for shoes :)

    Oh, and that Sunday school incident was very funny and cute!

  5. I actually have several bad/odd/boring memories of my aunt dragging my brothers and me around the mall to buy shoes. It's obviously X-Linked.