Monday, September 21, 2009


The storehouses of the skies have opened, and the fountains of the deep seem to be spouting into my basement. I’m trying to be thankful that we were able to find/buy a second sump pump this morning (our first one keeps overheating and turning itself off). I’m thankful we currently have power so the sumps pumps can run—the electricity has been sporadic. I’m thankful that Calvin was the one who stayed awake all night trying to keep the water level below the air conditioner/heater so I could “sleep off” my migraine. I’m thankful that we weren’t among the many people who were trying to buy sandbags to keep the water from entering their homes—water is much better in the basement than in the living room/bedrooms/kitchen/etc. I’m thankful that we’re not in Walker County, next door to our county, which is currently in a “State of Emergency” and all schools and roads are shut down. That said, I’m trying not to mutter imprecations against the people from whom we bought the house. I’m trying not to blame the city/state for their pathetic notions of water/flood control—okay, I’m not trying that hard. I do blame them. I’d rather have a better storm drain system than a repulsive Urban Art Garden (see previous post).

Oops, I gotta run and check the sump pumps.


  1. Hope your home will stay dry, and the ground can soak up that water. It is hard to imagine that much rain! Our average rainfall is 8-10 inches a year, and this year some agricultural land is fallow because of the lack of water. Of course we do have to protect the endangered smelt species, making sure it gets its fair share of water. Kind of like Urban Art having priority over adequate storm drainage. From Margaret in Central California where we have drought conditions.

  2. Just a while ago we were having a drought. Can't the rain spread itself out a little bit?

  3. There is a girl in my online class, who had to run upstairs with the laptop she was on to get away from the flooding basement. And she still argued about the Westminster Confession. Go figure!

    Hopefully, your basement is the only thing that gets wet!

    Post Scriptum,
    Tell Luke that I have the perfect icon for him. It involves barbie dolls

    Grace Duke