Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Embrace the Heat!

In my last post, I complained about the heat. And it’s still hot. But here’s the thing, I’ve decided to embrace the heat. You see, I’ve lived places like Southern California and Northern California where the differences in the seasons are measured in minor temperature variations and the amount of rain that falls. Those things don’t mark seasons—at least, not very well. I like seeing the passage of time, knowing that everything changes.

I’d much rather endure the heat then give up the seasons. Besides, I learned one thing in New England—weather is a character-builder. I can put up with the bitter cold (Once when it was negative 70--as in below zero--with the wind chill factor, Cal and I stood outside in our pajamas to prove our toughness—a blast of Arctic winds ended it quickly.) But heat is harder for me to bear, so this is my opportunity for sanctification. When I’m old and gray (though my kids think I’m old now and I do have a few gray hairs), I can just see myself sitting in a rocking chair and telling my grandkids, “You think this is hot? You should’ve been here in the summer of ’09. By golly, it was in the 100s in June. Yep, those were the good ole days!”

My new slogan is “Embrace the Heat!” Of course, right now I’m enjoying the heat from the study of my air conditioned home. But, hey, it’s a step in the right direction.


  1. Hey, wait a second! You air-condition the house in the summer since you despise hot weather. But, in the winter, because you don't mind the cold, you set the thermostat so low that our hot chocolate freezes. (OK, maybe our hot chocolate doesn't exactly freeze, but still...)

    So, in the summer our house is nice, and in the winter it's frigid. If we are going to be frugal by not using the heating, we may as well leave the fridge unplugged and save energy that way too. Yeah, isn't that an awesome idea--in the winter we can store our milk and eggs at "room temperature!"

  2. Wow! Is it really in the 100s over there?

  3. Maybe you should change the title of your blog for the Summer. Then we can all see the "passage of time" much easier.