Friday, May 22, 2009

Great Reads

Some of the best books being written nowadays are middle grade and young adult books. I think it’s because there’s such an opportunity for creativity. Don’t get me wrong, there are para-normals, sci-fi, etc., that are all options for creativity for adults. But only in MG and YA do you have celebrations of creativity—giddy, over-the-top fun. Consider, Haroun and the Sea of Stories (yes, by that Salman Rushdie). If you don’t know what a P2C2E is, you have not yet lived.

Of course, there’s our buddy Harry. Didn’t you want a Nimbus 2000? I did. That and the time-turner. My kids are thrilled there’s no such thing, or I’d find even more time for them to do schoolwork.

What about the Artemis Fowl novels and the comic book? If Mulch Diggums isn’t the ultimate 12 year old boy laughfest, no one is. Okay, he’s even a Mom laughfest.

And then there’s the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. We just finished reading the last book of the first series, The Last Olympian. Without being a spoiler, let’s just say Percy is an Odysseus with a large dollop of New York attitude who loves both his mortal and Olympian family. And, oh yeah, he’s saves the world, more than once. But not without Annabeth’s help. I think I’d kill for her Yankees’ cap. But then, who wouldn’t…


  1. Yep, it's all too true

  2. Yes. I am re-reading Haroun and the Sea of Stories for the third time. It's awesome.

    How can you mention the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series without mentioning Nico? He's the best character! Although Annabeth's fun too. I really hated Rachel Elizabeth Dare until she--but no spoilers.

  3. I was *just* gonna ask you all about good reads! And joy of joys you just posted about them!

    I have read all the Harry Potters and Artemis Fowls, I will start on Percy Jackson presently....

    Grace D.

  4. We've already read all these books. In fact, I think you suggested all of them to us besides Harry Potter. Heh heh.

    (We finished the Last Olympian just the other day. Great ending.)