Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fashion Jeans

Yesterday, Ariel brought me a stack of clothing. She dropped it onto my dresser and announced, “I see the boys have been folding laundry again.”

(Notice the word “boys” is italicized. That’s because she is no longer allowed to use her favorite word “dweebs.” The boys filed a protest about her word choice in referring to them, i.e. they didn’t like being called “dweebs.” Ariel filed a counter-protest—“dweebs” is an endearment, which denotes the love that she feels for them. The judge, me, laughed derisively, though I told her it was a good try.)

Back to the laundry issue.

Me: “How do you know that the boys folded?”

Ariel, after unfolding a pair of jeans that had been mistakenly included with her clean laundry: “Note the straight leg, high-cut waist. This screams I am a home-school mom.”

Me (Obviously, she’s confusing homeschool-ness with 90s fashion, but that’s not the point): “Those jeans are comfortable and slimming. Besides I have two pairs of low-cut flared jeans.”

Ariel: “One pair was a hand-me-down.”

Me (realizing she’s right) “I bought the other pair.”

Ariel: (She says nothing, but raises an eyebrow—she was with me when I bought them and knows that the only reason I purchased them was because I was too cheap to spend $40 for the home-school mom/90s version.)

Me (knowing she has yet another point): “I read that regular-waisted straight-leg jeans are back in style.”

Ariel (conceding my point): “Yeah. That’s really depressing.”


  1. I hear you! My low waist flared jeans are not very comfortable either. I have 3 daughters who are my fashon police, and they don't understand the comfort of a waistband for jeans or skirts that is at the waist. It is an ongoing debate.

  2. I never wear jeans. They're just too stiff. Hohum.

  3. I've always thought Ariel's jeens looked incredibly stupid

  4. Thanks, Luke. :P

    Straight-leg jeans are back in style. But that's not synonymous with homeschool-mom jeans. Homeschool-mom jeans are cinched at the ankle. They're not straight-legged at all; they're "tapered." There's a ginormous difference!

  5. I didn't understand this at all. At the beginning you talked about the boys folding, and then it converted to some fashion stuff. How are these related? I do not understand.

  6. Oh, David of little understanding! Of course if someone put "homeschool-mom jeans" in my laundry pile, it must have been the boys because anybody who thinks at all would realize that those are not my jeans. Only dweebs wouldn't notice that the article of clothing they were dumping on me was a pair of "homeschool-mom jeans." Oh, wait, dweebs is now taboo--only the boys wouldn't notice. Yes, that is the uniting factor that explains everything!! Brothers folding laundry=clothes in the wrong piles!