Monday, April 6, 2009

2 Plus 2 Times 8

Peace, serenity and irenic calm have return chez Keller. Not really, but at least no one is sick anymore. And yes, Ariel and Matthew both think that it’s due to their militant efforts to keep the house free of germs.

Ariel was able to go to her Calculus 2 exam without a barf bag. Friday morning just before Luke and Ariel left, Calvin decided he’d help Ariel “warm up” for the exam.

Cal: Okay, Ariel, this will warm you up for the exam and give you the confidence you need. What’s 2 plus 2 times eight.

Ariel: Are the twos in parentheses?

Cal: Uh, sure.

Ariel: Then, the equation is 4 times eight. And 4 times 8 is 28.

Me (listening in and dumbstruck): Ahhhhhhh!

Ariel: What?

Me: 4 times 8 is not 28.

Ar: It’s not?

Me: No! It’s 32.

Ar: Oh, right. 4 times 7 is 28.

Me: (I shake my head in grief.)

Ar: It’s not like it matters. Multiplication isn’t real math—that’s what calculators are for.

Cal: Ariel, you are so never touching my checkbook. Do you realize that your husband will have to balance your checkbook?

Ar: Dad, most math people don’t worry about simple math. (Smiling excitedly) Do you know I can calculate how much work is done when someone raises a bucket from a well with a hole in it and the water drains out at such a rate that it’s empty when it reaches the top?

Me (I think: Who cares? We’d throw the bucket away.) But, I say: Have fun. I’ll pray the test goes well.


  1. ok, I was the one who sarcastacally mentioned the fact that I wasn't sure what dolt would lift a bucket of water that was draining so quickly that it would be empy by the time it got lifted. It's still cool that we can calculate that, but I'm not sure how it's usefull...

  2. (2+2)*8=28? I think Jacob told me about that the other day. Heh heh.

  3. BTW, I never said, "most math people don't worry about simple math." I said something more along the lines of, "why do you think they make such awesome calculators."

    Oh, you know I lost a point on our last calculus test for something similar: I multiplied 150 times 20 in my head and came out with 300 instead of 3000. *Shrug* I guess I should've used that supremely cool calculator I have.