Friday, April 24, 2009

The Cause

I’ve often thought those Green Bay Packer fans were, well, a bit over the top. After all, they sit through blizzard-like snow conditions with yellow hats shaped like cheese wedges on their heads. Sometimes, they sit there shirtless—apparently, it shows their devotion to “the team.”

Never in my nightmares, did I consider myself that “deranged.” Not until today. This afternoon, I’m braving 87 degree heat with humidity that can only be described as liquid air to go sit in a park. And I’m not doing this in shorts and a tee-shirt. No. I’m doing this in a fully-lined Regency gown and hat. Not to mention the requisite undergarment that prevents me from taking anything other than a shallow breath. (Though I think that might be Ariel’s fault—I can’t reach the lacing to tie up and back. So, she laces and laces and pulls and pulls. Ariel could teach Mammy a thing or too about corsets.)

Why am I braving insufferable heat and humidity wearing clothing rightfully discarded by our modern civilization? There can only be one reason…Jane Austen. We are having our monthly Jane Austen Society meeting. And, assuming that I don’t pass out and have to be taken to the Emergency Room for hyperventilation (can’t breathe deeply so I have to take lots of short breaths) or heat stroke, I should have some pictures to post.

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