Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Shakespeare Costumes, Fingerless Gloves

This year I promised Matt that I'd make him some costume accessories. His brothers both have gotten huge, feathered hats. And capes and gauntlets. But Matt wanted fingerless gloves. So I said, "Sure."

Of course, there wasn't a pattern. So I traced his hands and went from there.

Here are three paper patterns, and two mock-up gloves that didn't work.

Here's the pattern that did work.

The final version of the glove.

 Here's how it will look on stage. Except he'll have a costume and stage makeup on too.

If you're interested in attending The Comedy of Errors, the troupe is performing it on Saturday, August 3, at 2pm at Roddy Theater, Baylor. The troupe does an amazing job. And it's free!!


  1. Do you have to still sew in the finger spacing strips?

  2. If he was going to use them regularly, I'd probably would have sewn in finger spacing strips. But since he'll only be using these for the play, I took the easy way out.

  3. I'm impressed. My knitting skills are so rudimentary, it's nothing but scarves and blankets (and other flat, symmetrical objects) for me!

  4. Nice! They'll look perfect with that sword!

  5. The gloves look great!

    On a totally different note, I don't know why I never thought of this before BUT... You and your fam seem to really enjoy Shakespeare & as you might have noticed (especially given my last post), I really love Tom Hiddleston! He's classically trained (so he's always quoting Shakespeare), and anyway, last year he did a BBC TV production of Henry IV and Henry V that you might enjoy. :) The series is called The Hollow Crown.

  6. Krispy, I didn't know about the BBC series. My guys think Tom Hiddleston is a great actor. I'm going to add it to our Netflix list. Thanks!