Friday, June 5, 2009

Up, Up, and Away

Yesterday I went with nine kids of various ages to see the new Pixar movie, Up. After watching it I would have to say that it accomplishes a rare feat. It is a children’s movie and an adult’s movie. Not a movie for kids that adults like, nor a grown-up movie that kids enjoy. It addresses suffering and selfishness with whimsy and magic, and yes, even silliness.

Themes of loss, grief, loneliness and friendship abound—I cried. The teenagers who were with me were of various ages and sexes and some, though they will remain nameless, also wiped away tears. Normally, I’d wonder what the little ones were thinking, except that six year old Luke sitting next to me was so enthralled by the movie that he couldn’t stay in his seat. He’d stand and lean forward as though he might be able to get just a little closer to the wonder of the film. And in the light reflected from the screen, his eyes sparkled and danced in delight.

I can’t help but wonder if this year instead of winning the Academy Award for best animated picture, Pixar might actually win best picture. Of course, if they were nominated for best picture it wouldn’t be fair to the other nominees. In the meantime, go and see Up with someone you love.


  1. The movie was good, and the character I liked best was Doug. He is funny.

  2. I thoroughly regret not being there with you guys. Sounds like it was an emotional blast.

    I'm going to see it tonight in honor of my cousin's birthday.

  3. I really would like to see that, but I might save it, seeing that it is probably the *only* good movie coming out this year....

    Grace Duke

  4. Ah. That movie was indeed awesome. Pixar really deserves to win some sort of reward. Again.

    PS: Sorry about Luke...

  5. That is possibly one of my new favorite movies of all time. My aunt and I were constantly cracking up (after a few initial tears), and Dug is completely hysterical!! Definitely a movie that everyone can enjoy.