Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Why Is It" Wednesday

I know that Wednesday follows Tuesday and comes before Thursday. But this is more along the lines of "complete this sentence."

Why is it that....

1. the summers when I can sleep in, I wake up at 6am?

I’m thinking it’s because of the sun peeking around the edges of the blinds. I need to buy one of those lace-edged black sleeping masks.

2. ...grass grows really well in my flower beds, but not in my yard?

And weeds grow well in both places.

3. ...that computer-y things hate me?

It turns out that my Nook problems may be a flaw in the “Nook for PC” application that I was previewing it on.

4. ...all the fabric stores in Chattanooga don’t have any ¾” silver D-rings available, so I can finish Jake’s gauntlets?

I can’t wait to post pictures of the costume.

5. ...chocolate, Brie, potato chips all taste wonderful, and Brussels sprouts taste like...Brussels sprouts?

I’d much rather eat healthy food pyramid portions of chocolate and Brie than kale, okra, and beets.

What about you all, do you have a "why is it"?


  1. Why is it that my children keep falling asleep later and waking up earlier? Speaking of which, why is it that my children didn't inherit my love of sleeping in?

    And why is it that I look forward all winter to being able to use fresh produce again, and then in the summer I stare in my fridge and think, "Hm, I really wish I could just make soup tonight."?

  2. Why is it that my kids can go to bed late but wake up even earlier in the morning?? Shouldn't the opposite happen?

  3. Why is it that can't seem to get my room clean?? I mean, there all boxes and clothes laid out for the move and all...but organized chaos would be great!

  4. Why is it that whenever I try to sleep early, I end up sleeping even later than I would have normally?

    This costume you're working on intrigues me. Can't wait to see it! :)

  5. Why is it when I finally have the time to do a job, I don't have the energy?

  6. I like your why's!

    Why is it when the kids go to sleep late...oh wait, Rachael totally took my idea! Blast.

  7. I love all your "Why's" -- especially the last one. :)

  8. Why is it so painful to lose half a pound in a week, but so easy to gain three pounds overnight? Of course I did eat two Dodger dogs last night (we sat in the "all-you-can-eat section of the bleachers).

    Oh, and by the way, I LOVE Brussels sprouts. Chop them up into a hash with mushrooms and onions and have a veggie omelette. Yum!