Monday, July 25, 2011

Senseless Screaming

Is it me or have commercials gotten inane?  We don’t have cable and living on the back of a ridge means an antenna does nothing. (Yes, the children are deprived, but in a good way.) So when we watch a TV program it’s usually streaming with either no commercials or very few.

Last night, we visited my parents and watched Leverage. (BTW, why are they focusing on Sophie and Nate? I’m glad they found each other, but Parker and Hardison are much more interesting. And it’s clear that Eliot is on the show as eye candy since they still haven’t given him an interesting back story. All he gets is tender-hearted tough guy—can you say “cliché?”) Anyway, back to commercials.

So a commercial comes on. Some guy comes on the screen and screams for the entire commercial. And then the name of an insurance company comes up. The problem is that it is unclear why he is screaming. As far I could tell a tornado has not destroyed his house and car. No one has been carried off to Oz. A contractor hasn’t told him that his whole house needs to be rewired/re-plumbed. And he hasn’t had eight major appliances die in a two month period. (Insurance doesn’t cover that anyway—believe me, I know.)

I could only surmise that the guy was sitting in the agent’s office filling out paperwork to get his teenage son added to the family’s insurance policy and had just been given the final bill. And he couldn’t stop screaming because the good student discount barely made a dent in the bill.

When I shared my discovery with Calvin, he said, “That’s our insurance company.” That left me a bit nonplused. All that money and this tripe was the best commercial they could come up with. Maybe I should learn to write advertising script.

N.B. I’m excited to let you all know that this Friday I’ll be participating in an Author Spotlight. I’ll include a link to the site on my Friday post.

ACK. I went to my blogger dashboard and found that all the blogs that I follow have disappeared. I've refreshed and reloaded. They're still gone. Anyone know how to fix this?


  1. No, it isn't just you. With rare exceptions, commercials are getting more and more ridiculous. And LOUDER. (Thank goodness for the mute button.)

    Sorry I can't help you with the blogger problem. Time to call your daughter again?

  2. It must have been a long time since you've seen commercial TV. Commercials have been inane for a long time. There is a line in a recent commercial that goes something like: "It's time to talk about what happens in the bathroom.". Wouldn't it be fun to write the dialogue for the sequel of this one!

  3. I've had blogs I follow disappear on me for short time--is it back yet?

    Oh, commercials. There are some really ridiculous ones.

    Also: LEVERAGE! I ADORE Hardison and Parker--individually and together. :D

  4. Hehehehe yeah, I also get annoyed with the quality of ads these days. I mean, if we HAVE to sit through them, can't they at least be tolerable/funny?